I love to go to places, be alone and create something inspired by nature. It’s very calming be with myself, to experience the tranquility, the silence, the beauty of the place and capture the magic there. It is a therapy.

Kaamos or in English polar night is a period in Winter, when the sun no longer rises above the horizon in northernmost points of the Earth as in Lapland. It’s a particular period with special light and mood. In December I spent 5 days in Saariselkä, Lapland and at the neighboring areas to take photos of vibes, when the sun is sleeping. My aim was to capturing the magic of the landscapes and highlight the feeling, which this beautiful place had aroused in me.

All images were inspired by tones and forms and atmosphere of nature.

Magnificent northern sky with purple, orange and indigo blue colours,
mute whiteness
arctic mood.
In this wise I could describe the polar night magic in Lapland.

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Published 3.1.2019
Arché Photography  Kaamos Polar night Lappi Lapland Saariselkä Kiilopää Kaunispää