Arriving of Halla


Halla is a Finnish word means frost.

The idea of this series is from last Spring, when an image appeared in my mind: white tree branches as a long skirt on a girl at a pond.

Then I decided to realize this image by painting the picked up branches and trying to make a skirt-like shape of them.
I knew the place of photo(s) will be Hannusjärvi, this beautiful mystic lake, where I earlier already took photographs. After finding the right time and person for this project, last week I finally had the opportunity to do the photoshoot.

My model was a beautiful woman with white hair, which fit perfectly to the concept and inspired to create more pictures than the original image.
That way was born my Halla and the tale of her arriving.

Model and muah: Eugenia (IG: @eugeniaantinomy FB: @eugeniaantinomy )
Assistant: Janka Pásztory (FB: @jankapasztoryphoto)

~ Arriving of Halla ~

Featured in the Dark Beauty Magazine


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