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Here you can find event-, interview-, staff- and promo photos for companies, societies and bands

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Promo session for Aalto University Information Technology Program (ITP)


Staff photography


ITP 2017


Jaska and Alexi from Children of Bodom and the 20 years old Something Wild album – interview photos for Inferno (3/2017 print)


Työttömyysvakuutusrahaston vuoden 2016 vuosikertomus – edustus – ja työkuvat


Perihelion band promo 2017, Debrecen, Hungary


Helten Brass Ensemble 2016

Helten Brass Ensemble 2017


Helten Brass Ensemble – portraits


Huomisen tekijät 4/2016


BAPRAS & FAPRAS Summer Scientific Meeting at Marina Congress Center


Tuska Metal Open Air and Apocalyptica – photography for INFERNO Magazine


Photography at World Village Festival for Kepa ry


Banya “Bio” Tanya – products


Angel Sword promo


Refusal promo


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