The Mountain


The Stability

The Sublimity

The Eternally Endurance


How small we human beings are compared to these giants. But as we experience this beauty our souls expand. And we are one with the Mountain.

For making this series it took a couple of hours of hiking and carrying my not so light bag up to the spot. Along the way it started to rain, so the hike continued in a cold rain and howling wind.

Then I took photos. In addition to the outer beauty there was also something more: the endurance and inner strength that the Mountain also reflects from itself.

All these energies that are not visible are captured into the images: the taken journey, sweat and the endurance which leads up, which we need to continue our journey. And naturally there are the admiration of the Mountain, its majestic existence, dramatic clouds, the wind and rain. Which – as I realized on the top – are not the enemies but teachers.

What do they teach?


At the end of the shot my camera became very wet. Those raindrops on lens created interesting effect.

Segla mountain from Hesten, Norway 2022

I created this series last autumn, it was my second visit to this majestic place. 2 years ago the circumstances were very different, I enjoyed the autumn Sun in 18 degrees and admired the perfect idyll on the mountainside. This time, those dark clouds, the rain and the wind offered a dramatic aesthetics.

Different faces of Segla – both were wonderful with a strong impact.

Behind the scenes from the start to the end including some failures too.

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