Swamps are enchanting – the mysterious, marshy soil, its atmosphere and aesthetics. Swamps are the silent melancholy, the slowness, the loneliness, the tranquillity whence secrets flow deeply in the forest.

The aim of Suo Arcanum is to reflect these thoughts, feelings, also, the series symbolically could represent a kind of process of renewal and improving: rising up from the swamp, or from subconscious to conscious.

Suo means swamp in Finnish and Arcanum from Latin refers to secrets, mystery and cure-all.

This series was taken end of October in the magical Nuuksio National Park of Espoo. I would like to thank to wonderful Merissa @merissatwinklestar for the collaboration.




IV. – Hengittää /Breathe

15.11.2020 – Espoo

archephotography suomi suo luonto valokuvaus photography conceptual aesthetic alchemy ritual arche andibalogh andi

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