Iceland – Symphony of Wind, Fire, Stone and Ice – May 2015

Gallery and more photos: Iceland – Symphony of Wind, Fire, Stone and Ice

My old dream came true this year in May, I’ve got to Iceland to closely see and feel the wildness and amazingness side of the land. I was there for 8 days with two photographers, one of my old hungarian friend and his friend. Our goal was to crawl through south-eastern costline of Iceland.

1. day in Reykjavik

First day we met on the airport in Keflavik, we we picked up the ordered car and we had set off to explore Reykjavik. Already on the road we had to stop, because the sea and those surrounding stones looked absolutely wonderful. The capital city of Iceland is a beutiful place, there is nearly everything for a nature lover. Before the big trip we ate a good one (pizza and a great Viking beer), and we went to took some photos about the city. We took a long walk in the strong wind and then went to the rest.

IMG_0129 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0287-2

2. day – Day of the Blue Lagoon

After a decent breakfest we were heading to see geothermal areas of Gunnuhver, which is Iceland’s largest mud pool. After this finally we approached the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. It was absolutely amazing experience. I was in the 40 degrees water for 4-5 hours and enjoyed the beutiful nature around everything. This was a wonderful gift for my tired body and soul. I took hard work last year and now I was just resting a bit before our “hardcore hiking days”.

After this perfect relax we started to look for a place of the tent. It was a nice moment, when we were just on the road surrounded with snowy peaks of mountains in the sunset.

IMG_0416 IMG_0461 IMG_0499 IMG_0728

3. day – Geysir, Gullfoss, Horses, Crater

Last night wasn’t so comfortable because of sleeping in the car. But the clean air and the amazing area helped me to keep up with the pace. It was a long day, we saw many interesting things, for example a periodically erupting geysir, the wonderful Gullfoss waterfall, and the very tame horses. One of them came to us to get some love. So we stroked at her and shortly we said goodbye. At the end of the day we visited the nearly located crater of Pingvellir National Park and then we looked for a place for sleep.

IMG_0763 IMG_0848IMG_0856-2IMG_0881 IMG_0934 IMG_0952 IMG_1145 IMG_1299

4. day- Ocean in Bakkafjara, Coffee at Seljafoss, Seljavallalaug, Skógafoss and the aircraft wreck

I woke up on a wonderful hilltop, and the weather was really warm (maybe 8 degrees). We coocked some food for breakfast among the pine forests and went to visit new places. First we checked the ocean in Bakkafjara, and than enjoyed our coffee by Seljafoss waterfall. After these we visited Seljavallalaug, where is a pool in the valley. People have been bathed in (about) 28 degrees water. Next place was the Skógafoss waterfall, where I asked Gudi take some portrait photos about me. The place captivated by me, I don’t know why.. Maybe the colors or the atmosphere of this place.

Last point of this day was the aircraft wreck near by seaside, where were many tourists, so it was difficult to take good photos. The place was very windy, but beautiful too with the wonderful sunset. After the long and cold day we were in the need of hot showers so much, so we went to Vík and rented a kindly guesthouse for 2 nights. I never slept so well as this night.

IMG_1397IMG_1416 IMG_1436 IMG_1511 IMG_1544-2


IMG_1706 IMG_1741 IMG_1751 IMG_1764 IMG_1880IMG_1892-2

(Portrait in Skógafoss – Shots by Gudella Péter)



IMG_1961-2 IMG_1976 in Vík

Vík is a lovely place. We took cool breakfast in the guesthouse and then went to visit the area. We were all day long hiking on the snowy monuntains, by the windy and monumental stones and walking on the seaside. I think Vík had been checked out.

IMG_1986 IMG_2076 IMG_2147 IMG_2283 IMG_2325 IMG_2352 IMG_2364-2 IMG_2414 IMG_2438 IMG_2465 IMG_2467

6. day – On the road to the glacier lake, Jókulsárlón

Maybe I was waiting mostly of this point. After many hours later we arrived in Jókulsárlón, where snow and greyness was waiting for us. All day long we were on the lagoonside, just walking between ice pieces.. and slept around them.

IMG_2491 IMG_2608 IMG_2845 IMG_2875 IMG_2924 – Hoffell, Höfn, Viking village.. and back to glaciers

After the cold night we went to our last point Höfn and the Viking village. On the road we saw horses and reindeers and of course: heavenly landscapes. On the way we founded other hotspring, which was in the middle of nature. It was almost as amazing as the Blue Lagoon. There were 5 pools with different temperatures: in the hottest pool the water was about 40 degrees, so that warmed up again. After a short break we continued our journey in Höfn city and then went to the viking village, which was in a paniterly place. On the way back the sunset was amazing: we just listened Midaftanu song from the icelandic Sólstafír and the moment was perfect. As the clouds were falling on the mountains, birds were playing in the air and everything was goldenly bright. At the same point of this song the weather just changed to more snowy and grim. It was unthinkable.. Then I felt truly that I’m happy and its always touching when I remember to this moment.

IMG_2982IMG_3015 IMG_3016 IMG_3028 IMG_3036-2 IMG_3044 IMG_3069 IMG_3083 IMG_3088 IMG_3103 IMG_3118 IMG_3120 IMG_3155-2

8. day- Go back to Keflavik

We woke up in the lagoonside, and went back to southwest. We visited one more Gunnuhver and then headed to the guesthouse. It was over… My airplane departed on 11.May way back to home, Finland.

It was an incredible few days on Iceland, after this long week I’m still in shock. Thanks for the great travel mates and thank you Iceland, that you were merciful for us all way long.

I cannot be thankful enough for the fate, that I was able to see, feel and live through all this. I think I will be back sometime.

IMG_3203 IMG_3219IMG_3225

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