Eternalize the mood through a portrait

East-Hungary, January 2020

Never thought that this place can shine this much.

I really wanted to take photos with a model here, but unfortunately it was not possible. Still I wanted to create a portrait which mediates the mood of this amazingly wonderful winter nature in East-Hungary. So I utilized myself.

I was wearing a mustard yellow sweater and in the house of my parents I found a piece of a black fabric: my outfit was ready. The simpler is more effective. Mostly I work with different fabric pieces, which I can form as I imagined. I think it is a great creative solution and it gives a little bit uniqueness to the image.

As we arrived to the place, I saw the ready image: where I stand and from what angle to take the photo. The problem was that to this trip I took with myself only a camera with one lens without any tripod nor any other tools. So I put my camera with proper settings on top of the car and my mom pressed the button.

I’m very grateful for this photoshoot, it was worth it. When I see the photo after years, the same magical mood will flow through the picture like on that day.
Additionally it is a great memory of a moment which I lived through with my mother.

The photo eternalizes the feel, the mood and the memory.

the landscape

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