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Morning ether of Lapland

Andi Balogh is a Hungarian photographer based in Espoo, Finland, she moved to the land of thousand lakes in 2009. The nature and culture she met through northern metal music drove her to learn Finnish language and move to Finland. After a few years of living among northern landscapes, Andi started to take photos more seriously. Her main inspiration is the unique northern ambience and aesthetics.

By photography she interconnects the nature with the human figure, thereby depicting inner scapes emphasizing the deep connection with nature, constructive force in it and the reverence for nature. The mystical atmosphere as highlighted part of images open us the feeling of transcendental spheres. The characters strive to unite with these sacred depths and purify like an inner alchemy process. Also, Andi’s work is influenced by symbolism, focusing on themes such as inner development and mystery of existence.

Andi is enthusiastic about traveling and hiking for capturing the spirit of northern nature. By creating on location alone and using herself as characters of images, her purpose is to convey the intimate relationship with the environment and the presence which flows through. When the viewer is immersing into the image, it would as much be a healing process to the observer as for the creator.

My aim is to highlight the healing forces flowing from nature that many human souls need, especially today. To retreat into nature, explore the miracle, to be present, and to allow these inner spheres to open up and lead us into our true selves.


In addition to creating images, she is doing collaborations and commission works with other creatives.


Andi’s first solo exhibition held in Laterna Magica, Helsinki 6-30.4.2022



Internal Spheres - Honorable Mention of Nd Awards
Internal Spheres – Honorable Mention of Nd Awards
Nominees in Professional Fashion, Portrait and Open Theme categories
Nominees in Professional Fashion, Portrait and Open Theme categories


ISSUE 11: HER LOST FAIRYTALE (cover and article in digital & print)





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